A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers



FourthWave Media Group is B2B knowledge platform contributing to the success of all stake holders in India’s Beauty, Wellness , Fragrance & Household care Industry. The enterprise is inspired by Alvin Toffler’s Wave Theory where the fourth wave is the Knowledge Age. Our Logo signifies the quest of knowledge with the exploring Yatch and a dot to denote new age media.






A portfolio of B2B publications across Cosmetics ,Beauty & Wellness vertical for all stakeholders. Recognized as the credible source of industry news and other information for the industry , our magazines have a pan India reach and influence industry professionals around the country.

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Business Events

We conceive and organize primarily B2B partnering events to bring together constituents of the industry on a powerful knowledge sharing platform. These  congregations include Seminars, Conferences, Master classes ,workshop and trade shows serving different verticals/segments/operations of Beauty & Wellness industry retail in India.

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Consulting Services

We offer Services that leverage on the business intelligence of the Beauty & Wellness communities that we serve. These include product development consultancy , collaborations with research agencies , business expansion, joint ventures and explore business opportunities for companies seeking to enter Indian markets.

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