10 Big Advantages of owning a Salon Franchise in India

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The Beauty business is visibly on a roll in India across Metro cities to small towns, attracting investors & entrepreneurs for its high profitability. Now the question arises: should you open your own salon or take a franchise? What are the advantages of owning a salon franchise in India? Both options have their individual challenges and benefits.

Most undeniable advantages to consider franchising as an option.

Trust element

With a Salon franchise, potential clients are already familiar with your brand. With your own salon, you will have to spend a lot of time, money and effort earning trust and recognition from the local market whereas a franchised Salon is already recognised from day one.

A proven business plan

As a franchise, you will be working on a turnkey plan. From selecting the location of the business, drawing up lease agreements with landlords, designing efficient interiors to selecting the right staff, the franchiser is with you all the way.

Getting Finance is easier

It is easier to get business loans for franchises than independently-owned salons. The corporate image , the franchiser network and awareness with Bank requirements help you approach the bank prepared and confidently.

Training Support

Franchisers provide Franchisees regular training helping them to conduct business better. The salons technical staff are trained on a regular basis to keep the salon abreast of the latest.

Staff selection

Trained staff and technicians are crucial to success of the salon. The franchiser helps you not only with recruiting staff but also  training them and replacing them when needed.

Marketing Support

The franchiser is responsible for the advertising and brand building. You also get support by way of ad creatives, social media templates and designing local promotions. Franchisers help with local PR, inviting local & national influencers for your salon inauguration and other special days.

Purchasing power

Due the sheer number advantage, Franchisers negotiate prices and pass on benefits to you. This means freedom from delicate negotiations.

Scalability opportunity

Success of your business inspires you to set up multi units. A good franchiser rewards such franchisees with a chance to scale up and expand before looking for other franchise partners.

Access to innovation

Salon business is evolving and Franchisers are keeping up by innovating formats and services. You will have access to innovations and be the first mover in your area.

Be a part of a vibrant community

Most importantly, you are not lonely in an entrepreneurial journey. You are part of a vibrant community of franchisees with a common goal of leading a successful business. Sharing experiences, getting recognitions and learning together is indeed an enriching experience.

Please note, although the article talks about franchising having many advantages, it doesn’t mean independently owned salons do not make business sense. It is only that, starting on your own involves much more risk and requires more time and effort.

Author : Sheela Iyer

Interested in knowing more about owning a Beauty Salon Franchise? 

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