Education in Cosmetic Chemistry in India

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Cosmetic Chemistry Education in India – Everything you Need to Know

Cosmetics and personal care products are the most interesting and the most needed products in today’s world. Our day to day life is actually governed by the use of these products. Even during Covid 19 pandemic, cosmetics have played an integral part with the status of essential category being given to products like Hand wash, body washes, soaps, toothpastes etc.  Over the last couple of decades, demand for trained cosmetic professionals has grown in the industry. This demand was created due to lack of trained personnel who understand all the aspects of cosmetic science. Till recently, people working in the cosmetic sector came mostly from Pharmacy background. They treated cosmetics with a pharmacy perspective. But cosmetics require a perspective beyond pharmaceuticals. Hence when cosmetics and personal care brands started demanding trained professionals who understand the nuances of cosmetics, the development of an educational program specially in Cosmetic Technology was created.

Cosmetic Chemistry Education in India started in Mid 80’s when the BTech Program in Cosmetic Technology started in India at LAD & SRP College, Nagpur. Today, we have around 9 colleges offering Doctorate, M.Tech, B.Sc, M.Sc and Diploma in Cosmetics across the country. Recently, considering the demand, the Indian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (ISCC), an association of likeminded individuals interested in the Cosmetics sector has launched a Course in Basics in Cosmetics for start-ups, entrepreneurs, marketers.

Cosmetic chemistry’s in-depth knowledge is an important aspect in today’s world especially with advancement of consumer demand and knowledge transparency available through internet portals. Demand for trained professionals is growing presenting a good job opportunity for those trained into this stream. Qualified Cosmetic Chemists can work in R & D divisions of MNCs, R & D and marketing department of ingredient suppliers, contract research labs, manufacturing units, or in relevant position in allied industry. You can even turn entrepreneur and build your own brand.  

With changing regulations, technology and rapid knowledge exchange in this industry, the need for qualified personnel is growing. Industry sources peg the growth by 10-15% in the coming year, and as more and more people use cosmetics in their daily life , this can only be better.

Author : Renuka Thergaonkar ,PhD , President ISCC


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